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"John Saxon's Way"

For the first time ever - a Video          Teaching Series, in DVD, USB Flash Drive or Online streaming format, that provides classroom instruction given in person by an experienced Saxon math teacher. The instructor has taught using John Saxon's math books for more than a dozen years.

NOTE:  Any of the three formats described above can be used on a PC or Mac computer or on a Smart TV  with a USB connection and/or a DVD player.

While the  Video Teaching Series was created  to augment and enhance John Saxon's upper level math textbooks, they can also be used with other math textbooks as well.


Here is what some homeschool educators and students have to say about the
Video Teaching Series


“We just finished watching the first lesson in the Algebra ½ series.  I was very pleased with the DVD. The production quality is very professional and not like some homeschool DVDs I have purchased.  I think this will make a big difference in the boys' Saxon math experience.  Having a teacher explaining concepts clearly and seeing a visual will make things much easier and smoother.  I'm looking forward to watching the next lesson with my son tomorrow!”

Beth Mouser

Boise, Idaho


“Both of my boys are enjoying your teaching very much. They're having a lot more fun with Saxon than they have had in previous years, and I think it is largely because of the extra help your lessons provide. They appreciate the clarity of your explanations and examples as well as your kind and encouraging tone. My youngest son also thinks it's great that you inject humor into your teaching. It's clear you really like math, and that is contagious.”

Dr. J. Ross Wagner
Associate Professor of New Testament
Princeton Theological Seminary


 “These DVDs are really helpful to me!!  Mr. Reed is very funny and has a great sense of humor!! I am in Algebra 1 and I am able to keep up with the lessons perfectly! The teacher stands at the board and diligently explains every single step.  Mr Reed seems to know exactly what questions I am wondering about because he answers them 2 seconds later, during the lesson!  He anticipates my questions! These DVDs are AWESOME!!  You will have fun solving Algebra and any problems with Math!  Guess what? Math has become my favorite subject!!” 

Thanks Mr. Reed!!
Homeschool 8th Grade Student in Algebra 1


“I've been using your DVD math program since the beginning of the school year and I love it. I'll admit that Math isn't exactly my favorite subject, but you have made it so much more fun and interesting, I actually enjoy doing it now. The whole DVD idea is just brilliant. I really look forward to continuing to use your program. You're seriously an awesome teacher.”

Home School Student


“I would love to share how great a help the DVD's have been for us. My son has always had a harder time with Math and this year is going so much better. I really believe that the extra instruction you provide and the visual examples have really made the difference. Even for me, as a homeschooling mom, it helps to see someone work out the problem. I am a visual learner and I believe we all benefit from seeing the examples being done rather than just reading it off the page. So, honestly, the DVD's have helped both my son and me with math this year. We are thankful for the program and look forward to using them in the years to come.

Karen McReynolds
Lancaster, California


"Mr. Reed, My daughter loves your DVD. Everything you explain is so clear to her. She really enjoys her Algebra 1/2. We so appreciate your work. Take care and may God bless.

Sarah Schultz
Cincinnati, Ohio

NOTE: The last names, and the city and state of the homeschool students, have been purposely omitted for reasons of privacy.

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